JivoChat Review (2024) Just another live chat software?

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Inka Wibowo

Inka Wibowo


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Robert Brandl


If there were ever an award for the most ambitious live chat software, JivoChat would be a serious contender. On paper, it offers (almost) every feature you could possibly need in a chat tool - voice and video calls, customer relationship management (CRM), a ticketing system, and more.

Impressively, it also allows you to manage live chat conversations from other sources, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, as well as email and SMS.

All this has helped it catch the attention of thousands of small-to-medium businesses, with over 250,000 websites using JivoChat’s live chat software. Part of the reason could be that its interface echoes that of familiar tools like Slack and Trello, meaning most users can get the hang of JivoChat pretty quickly.

But with such a comprehensive toolkit, does JivoChat go as deeply as it needs to in meeting its customers’ needs? Or does it spread itself too thinly?

Let’s find out as we take you through our JivoChat review.


JivoChat Pricing



Includes unlimited messages, and widgets on as many sites as you’d like. 2 months of chat history, integration with email and social messengers, and internal team chats.


Priced per agent. Gives you access to all features, including CRM, triggered chats, advanced statistics, and more chat functions.


Custom pricing for 10 agents or more

Pricing shown is per agent per month when billed annually. Monthly and quarterly billing is also available for an increased monthly fee. Telephony and video calling services carry a separate cost.

Pros / Cons of JivoChat

  • Pros
  • Cons


  • Omnichannel chat

    You can feed in messages from Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and more, into JivoChat’s Contact Center. In addition, you can also integrate email and SMS, keeping all your client communications in one place. As a bonus, the Contact Center doubles as a ticketing system, making conversations and support requests even easier to manage.

  • Customer feedback

    One clever feature is Service Quality Assessments, which allows you to gather customer feedback. While most live chat tools don’t give you much control over this (offering options for positive/negative assessments only), JivoChat allows you to choose how many points you’d like on the assessment scale (3-5), and whether to display them as emoji or stars.

  • Customer relationship management

    JivoChat offers a simple Trello-like CRM system for managing opportunities and deals, complete with pipelines and tasks. Client profiles include essential fields for contact information, and tags can be used to organize and segment clients.

  • Pricing

    JivoChat is one of the more affordable live chat tools we’ve tested, with the fully-featured Pro plan priced at $19/operator. They also offer a Basic free plan that includes unlimited chats, 2 months’ of chat history, and integrations with social media and messenger channels.

JivoChat Rating Details

Ease of use

Despite being loaded with features, JivoChat is far from complicated to use. The interface feels clean, modern, and familiar, and features are generally located where you’d expect. Drilling down into specific settings can take a few more clicks, but using JivoChat is a pleasant experience overall.

Setup Info popup

As with most live chat software, all it takes to install JivoChat on your site is to embed some custom code, and there are detailed instructions on how to do this for all the main website builders/content management systems. “One-click” integrations are also available with platforms like Wix, Weebly, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Themes and Style Options Info popup

While there are no prebuilt themes to select from, you can adjust colors, header patterns, fonts, and the position of your chat widget.

Chat Client Info popup

It’s nothing groundbreaking and uses a fairly standard chat widget design, but it’s simple and modern-looking. Customers can rate chats, send files, and download chat logs. It’s also possible for you to specify whether you want to ask for contact details before or during a chat (or to disable this feature completely).

Chat agent console Info popup

JivoChat calls it the Contact Center, and you’ll be able to send/receive chat messages, email, and SMS directly from within it. You’ll also get a view of the contact’s CRM profile, including details of any opportunities attached.

One handy feature is Typing Insights, which can be enabled if you want to see what visitors are typing before they’ve hit ‘Send’, and can help you prepare a response in advance.

Automatic messaging Info popup

By default, messages will automatically trigger after visitors spend more than 10 seconds on your site, and if agents don’t respond after a certain amount of time. But you can set up your own trigger-based rules by combining different conditions – e.g. if the visitor is based in a certain country, has visited a certain number of pages, or has even scrolled down to a certain point in the page.

However, you won’t be able to build out complex workflows or multi-branch campaigns. If this is what you’re after, Tidio is much stronger in this area.

Offline mode Info popup

You can receive offline chat messages via email, and respond to messages even if the visitor is no longer online (either through email, or the chat widget – visitors will see the message the next time they visit your site). If you’d prefer not to, you can choose to automatically turn off your chat widget when all your agents are offline. Business hours can also be set up for each chat agent.

Shortcuts / canned messages Info popup

‘Quick phrases’ can be added using tags (e.g. \hi) and/or keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl+8).

Tracking & live analytics Info popup

You can view which page the client started chatting from, their location, and IP address. While you also get information about how long they’ve been on the site and how many pages they viewed, this information didn’t seem to get updated in real time when we tested it. Also, you don’t get a view into which other pages they browsed, which is something Tidio offers.

Multiple languages Info popup

We liked the in-chat Google Translate function, which allows the chat agent to view and send messages in different languages. When setting up a chat widget, you can choose from 26 languages. Interestingly, there’s also a feature that allows you to create different ‘regions’, and specify which chat widget and chat agents are made available to each region.

Ticketing system Info popup

The Contact Center acts as JivoChat’s helpdesk system, converting chat, email and SMS messages into ‘tickets’ that can be transferred to others, commented on, and marked as resolved.

Integrations and add-ons Info popup

You can add ‘Jivo Modules’, such as telephony and video calling, for an additional monthly cost. Integrations with CRMs like Pipedrive and email marketing services like Mailchimp are also available, to help you tie all your customer data together. You can also connect with external chatbot platforms and other services with APIs. And of course, you can feed in messages from email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and more.

Team Management

When adding team members, you can select from one of three different roles (Administrator, Supervisor, user), which will determine whether they have access to functions such as billing, chat routing, chat settings etc. You can also create departments for different teams (e.g. Customer Success, Spanish-speaking). While you can add an agent to a chat or transfer chats, you can’t set up advanced routing rules like you can with tools like Userlike.

One interesting feature is their Slack-like internal messaging system, which can aid in delivering customer support or managing sales opportunities.

Mobile support / apps Info popup

Aside from the web app, desktop and mobile apps are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Voice/video calls Info popup

JivoChat’s Telephony Plus service allows you to make in-chat calls, as well as set up callback services. You can even set up a virtual phone system with JivoChat’s Business Phone service. It’s also possible to make video calls for face-to-face calls or screen sharing. All of these services carry an additional cost.

Cobrowsing Info popup

No co-browsing feature as such, but there is a Pointer function that allows you to share your screen with visitors and point them to a specific area of your website. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for us when we tested it on our Wix test website.

Ban users Info popup

It’s possible to block individual users, but for 24 hours only. You can however implement a CAPTCHA form to prevent automated spam messages.

Log creation Info popup

With a Pro subscription, chat history gets stored indefinitely. On a Basic subscription, this is limited to two months.


  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Telephone

We found their live chat support to be responsive and helpful. However, some of the knowledge base articles are out of date.

Overall rating


As a live chat software, JivoChat ticks most of the boxes. It’s particularly interesting for small businesses looking for an easy and affordable tool that combines a customer relationship manager (CRM) and basic helpdesk features. The telephony and video call options could also be useful for customer support teams.

However, the lack of advanced automations limits its potential. Some features (e.g. the Pointer function) also need a little refinement.

A more detailed look at JivoChat’s features

How do JivoChat’s triggered messages compare?

In general, live chat tools aim to reduce the amount of agent involvement in chat conversations as much as possible. The idea is to automate responses to more simple questions, whether through chatbots or automated/triggered messages, so that agents can focus on more complex requests.

JivoChat tries to achieve this in a number of ways. One such way is through pre-chat buttons, which allow you to automatically initiate a chat with a visitor, and have them select from three different options (which you specify). For example, if you run an online store, you might allow customers to choose from the following options:

jivochat prechat buttons

This example of JivoChat’s pre-chat buttons allows visitors to ask about opening hours, inquire when they will receive their order, or ask for instructions on how to modify an order

We feel like JivoChat could take this further, however. Although providing these options can allow agents to use pre-prepared responses, they still have to respond manually. It would be great, for example, if customers were automatically sent the opening hours when they select the first option. This is possible with tools such as Tidio and LiveChat, but strangely, not with JivoChat.

The triggered messaging feature (available in the Channel settings) also falls a little short. By default, JivoChat activates the following triggered messages for you:

  • Send a proactive message after a visitor has spent more than 10 seconds on a page
  • Ask for visitor to send questions via email form if there is no agent online
  • Display ‘agent busy’ message if visitor’s message goes unanswered after 60 seconds

You can also set up your own automations by combining various conditions, and triggering one of the following actions:

  • Open the form to send an email
  • Send a message to the visitor on behalf of an agent
  • Hide the widget
  • Display a system message in the chat (E.g. ‘All our agents are currently unavailable, but we’ll get back to you shortly’)
  • Display a system message in the chat with email field (E.g. ‘Leave your email address so we can get back to you’)

Here’s an example of a triggered message for someone who has visited 3 pages on the website:

jivochat triggers

While it’s handy that you can add more than one condition (and choose from a long list of variables, including visitor location, time on page, and where the visitor has scrolled to in the page), it’s a shame that you can’t add multiple steps in the automation – something that a workflow-based editor would let you do.

Neither does JivoChat have the smarts to let visitors choose from various button responses (apart from in the prechat stage), or define steps for the various branches the conversation might take (which ventures into chatbot territory). If you’re after this kind of functionality, we’d suggest looking into LiveChat or Tidio.

JivoChat Review: Conclusion

After testing out JivoChat, it’s not hard to see its appeal. Any small-to-medium business looking to quickly and affordably implement live chat on their website will be impressed by JivoChat’s feature range, and how intuitive it is to use. The fact that it also offers a basic version of its live chat software for free is another big tick in its favor.

Its strongest feature, in our opinion, is its unified Contact Center, which gives you a view into all your chat, SMS and email communications with customers. From it, you can manage tickets, view customer information, and manage any sales opportunities linked to the visitor, making it a valuable tool for customer service, marketing, and sales departments.

Although we didn’t test them, the integrated voice and video calls are also interesting, particularly if you’re selling a complex product or software. At $33/operator/month, however, adding the video calling feature costs more than a subscription to JivoChat itself! So unless video calls are absolutely critical for your business, it’s a feature you might be better off without.

We did find one aspect of their marketing slightly misleading. On the JivoChat website, there is a section under ‘Features’ titled ‘Chatbots’, leading us to believe that this was an included feature. However, drilling down further reveals that while JivoChat supports the use of chatbots offered by third parties, JivoChat doesn’t offer this functionality natively. (Tidio, whose pricing is similar to JivoChat’s, includes chatbots as part of its plans.)

We also ran into the occasional glitch – for example, not being able to transfer chats or view accurate visitor analytics, and the Pointer function not working on our Wix website. This, coupled with a relatively simplistic automations feature, suggests that there are a few things that still need a bit of work.

However, if you’re after something that’s not overly complicated, and can help to unify some of your support, sales and marketing processes, JivoChat provides great value.

> Try JivoChat Pro for free for 14 days


While Google PageSpeed may detect a slightly slower loading speed if you have JivoChat installed, it’s worth noting that this doesn’t affect the experience for the user. That’s because the chat widget is loaded asynchronously – that is, only after the rest of the page has completely loaded. More information is available here.

JivoChat Alternatives

LiveChat comes packed with features and is ideal for companies who want to proactively employ live chat as a sales or support channel. Its wide list of integrations, engaging ‘rich messages’, advanced team management features, and excellent multilingual widgets make it our top-rated live chat software.

Tidio is a top choice if you’re looking for advanced chatbots and automation, as these come included for free. The great news is that there’s also a free plan for up to 3 agents.

JivoChat offers an impressive range of features, including CRM, triggered chats, one-click calling, email and social integration, and internal team chats. A free plan is also available.

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