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34 Outstanding Wix Website Examples

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I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but here it goes: when I spot a website online that’s been built with Wix, it really makes my day.

Whether it’s a travel blog I’ve stumbled across on Google, or a friend’s newly-launched restaurant website, it’s a pretty satisfying feeling to know that that website was created by Wix – a platform that we at Tooltester spend a huge chunk of our time testing out (you can see our full Wix review here).

That’s because we genuinely believe it’s one of the easiest and most versatile website builders to use. And to see a real-life business website, blog or online store taking advantage of what Wix has to offer means we’re not the only ones to think so.

Cheesy, I know – but what can I say? I’m a geek. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Of course, it’s not always easy to spot a Wix website. They don’t exactly sport a banner advertising that they’ve been built by Wix (unless, of course, they’re a free Wix website!).

So if you’re looking for inspiration for your own site, we hope you find our list of the most outstanding Wix website examples to be useful. These are live websites used by real businesses and individuals – restaurants, hotels, online stores, bloggers, nonprofits, and more – that showcase Wix’s impressive range of capabilities.

For each website, we also share the estimated monthly traffic, plus the Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) – that is, the strength of their backlink profile, on a scale of 0 to 100. (You can think of this as an indicator of how reputable and authoritative this website is.)

Hopefully, these website’s designs and features can help to give you some ideas when building your own Wix site!

Online stores

Let’s kick off with a category of websites that Wix is gaining ground in. Ecommerce is an industry that shows no signs of slowing down, and Wix’s ecommerce features are constantly being updated in order to keep up. So, let’s check out some of the best examples of online stores built on Wix.

Black Sheep Bikes

black sheep bikes

Big and bold web designs are what Wix is all about, and the website for this Colorado-based bike store is a prime example. It relies on striking visuals, animations, and a predominantly single-page layout to shine the spotlight on its hero product.

There’s also a strong focus on customer service, with a live chat widget (powered by Wix Ascend, Wix’s online marketing suite), FAQ page, and downloadable custom bike guide.

It’s not a big website by any means, but has just the right amount of content to convey the brand, and capture customers’ interest.


Estimated traffic: 904 visitors/month

Domain Rating: 32

Zelie for She

zelie for she

Founded by indie designer Ellan Zelie, this LA-based label specializes in fashion for plus-sized women. The whimsical, vintage-style imagery of the homepage looks like it’s been lifted straight out of a fashion magazine, and highlights the designer’s bold, unique style.

Zelie for She’s items are organized by collection pages, which helps to enhance the visual experience. The individual product pages make use of zoomable images, sizing charts and a return policy section to help make the purchasing experience easier.

Other handy features include a newsletter sign-up form, FAQ page and contact form.


Estimated traffic: 1.3k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 43

Studio Chocolate

wix website examples - studio chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth, you might want to look away now. This Nottingham-based bakery specializes in hand-painted, colorful chocolates and mouth-watering baked treats. These are staged to perfection throughout the vibrant, fun site, thanks to the use of professional photography (and, of course, the fact that they look absolutely heavenly!).

While the bakery has both a physical store and studio, their cakes can also be ordered via the online store. The website also uses Wix Bookings (find our review here) to allow customers to book one of their online or in-person chocolate-making classes.

It’s a powerful example of how perfectly-executed visuals can make a huge difference when selling a product. In fact, once you’ve seen the website, it’s hard to get the imagery out of your mind. Cake break, anyone?


Estimated traffic: 433 visitors/month

Domain Rating: 18

P.S. & Co.

wix website examples - ps & co

… And while we’re on the topic of sweet treats, here’s another site to make you salivate! This website belongs to P.S & Co, who advertise themselves as “Philly’s only 100% organic, plant-based, gluten-free cafe”. While they have a physical restaurant, they also sell their cookies and cakes online via their Wix-built store. A field on the product page also lets you add your own personalized text to any cake.

The site also features a blog, FAQ, staff profiles, galleries, and contact forms.


Estimated traffic: 1.4k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 32



Babywear store Bonsie promises a 100% happiness guarantee. In this Wix online store you can find many advanced features. Discount codes, user reviews and the Ask a Question feature are a few of them. They have an active blog, live chat and even offer affiliates to market their products in return for a commission.


Estimated traffic: 1.4k visitors / month

Domain Rating: 38



Amorilla’s premise is unique: sustainably-created textiles converted into fashion. The website features Amorilla’s colorful, dreamy capsule collections, using a pastel color scheme to make the bright fashions really pop.

Other website features include a live chat widget, newsletter signup form and embedded videos explaining the company’s history.


Estimated traffic: N/A

Domain Rating: 22

The Cloth Shop

wix website examples - cloth shop

This vintage-style fabric retailer has a physical store in London that’s complemented by this Wix-hosted online store. The website uses features that are essential to any ecommerce site, including product galleries, site search functionality, customer logins (integrated with Facebook and Google sign-ins).

It uses a simple and classic design to put its product at the front and center of the website, and is a great example of how less is often more when it comes to website design.


Estimated traffic: 2.5k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 29

Hair Comes the Bride

hair comes the bride

At ToolTester, there are two things we love: word play, and well-designed websites. Hair Comes the Bride – an online store that sells bridal hair accessories – ticks both boxes, so of course we had to feature them on this list. That, and the fact that they get nearly 13,000 monthly visitors to the site!

The store features a search bar and product filters (letting you filter by price, availability, color and collection). That’s handy when you have a sizable collection of products (we counted around 150 on this website, not including variants!).

Other great features include customer logins, live chat, Instagram feed and blog. All of which can be directly added and managed through Wix’s in-built app market.


Estimated traffic: 12.9k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 50

Adidas Hardware

adidas hardware

To a visitor, this Adidas-branded website looks sleek and modern – exactly how you’d expect an Adidas website to look. In actual fact, this website belongs to RFE International, a licensee of Adidas, and is designed to showcase Adidas’s range of training and fitness products.

You have a product catalog, maintenance and care videos, and downloadable PDF user manuals. There’s also a live chat widget that’s seamlessly embedded into the site, a website search bar, and a contact form. It’s not quite an online store as it doesn’t have the ecommerce aspect, but it does make good use of Wix’s gallery features to display its products.

All in all, it’s a great example of how any Wix website can be customized to match your branding, and can look like a natural extension of any existing website you might have.

In fact, the company behind this website actually uses Wix for another one of their licensed brands, as you’ll see in the next example.


Estimated traffic: 4.6k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 55

Reebok Fitness

reebok fitness wix example site

Another great example of both an eye-catching and functional website, this Reebok-branded website uses a video as its hero image in the homepage, helping to bring Reebok’s fitness and training products to life. It receives a whopping 21,000 visits to the site every month.

One standout feature is its use of multilingual pages, offering the website not only in English but also Dutch, French and Spanish. This feature is available through the Wix Multilingual app.


Estimated traffic: 21.1k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 43



Eterna is a brand of luxury Swiss watches, dating back to 1856. Its website makes use of Wix’s image galleries to display its various collections in a simplistic but stylish design. Each of the images is clickable and leads to more detailed information on each of its watches.

The site also features video backgrounds, a store locator map, and downloadable user manuals.


Estimated traffic: 7.3k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 45


Let’s switch gears to another very popular category of Wix sites – restaurants. Wix is one of the best website builders for restaurants and actually has its own restaurant management system, meaning that any Wix restaurant website can handle its own orders, reservations, and payments. It’s also possible to display a menu on your site, and also take orders through Dine by Wix, Wix’s own food delivery app.

Hush Mayfair

hush mayfair wix example site

Located in the swanky London neighborhood of Mayfair, this bar and restaurant doesn’t shy away from putting its stunning decor on display. A slideshow of full-width images on the homepage glides between images of a leafy, lusciously-decorated courtyard; a cosy, chesterfield sofa-bedecked lounge; and an art deco-style bar.

The site also features a blog detailing the restaurant’s events, an embedded Google Map of the restaurant’s location, and a contact form for prospective employees where they can upload their CV. It also links to a number of external sites that lets visitors reserve a table, order a product, or buy gift vouchers.


Estimated traffic: 6.6k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 39

Red Bamboo

red bamboo

This NYC food joint specializes in vegan food, with their homepage showcasing a tantalizing array of dishes. The site’s integrations with Yelp and Tripadvisor allow it to display customer reviews directly on the site, but its most powerful testimonial comes from the video of Janet Jackson raving about the restaurant in an interview with Jay Leno.

Customers can order on the site via links to Postmates, Uber Eats and Grub Hub, and can also view pictures of its delectable-looking dishes in an extensive image gallery.


Estimated traffic: N/A

Domain Rating: 42


wix website examples - cau

The website for this Amsterdam steakhouse, interestingly, consists of just a single scrollable page. Nevertheless, they use the space wisely, using large, high-resolution images to display both their restaurant and dishes. They also include an embedded booking form (via Opentable), links to delivery providers (UberEats, Deliveroo etc), and a Google map of their location.


Estimated traffic: 1.4k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 35

Four Hundred Rabbits

four hundred rabbits wix restaurant example

The website from this London-based pizza franchise is all about fun. Using a candy-pastel color palette, animated images, and cute rabbit illustrations throughout the site, visitors instantly get a sense of a modern, hip and vibrant restaurant where they’re sure to have a good time.

Included on the site are colorful menus, a list of its various locations (including maps and call-to-action buttons, allowing visitors to call or book at each restaurant), an Instagram feed, and links to order online via food delivery apps.


Estimated traffic: 1.4k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 37

Elizabeth’s: An American Bistro

wix website examples - elizabeth's

Located in the heart of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, is this award-winning bistro specializing in contemporary American cuisine. The modern design of the website reflects the restaurant’s upscale status, putting its fresh and exciting-looking dishes on full display. Also featured on the website are testimonials, reviews and its long list of prestigious awards.

One unique feature of the site is that you can order many of its dishes and packages for delivery online, via an external point-of-sale system. It also features a list of events, a regularly-updated blog, and all of the restaurant’s menus.


Estimated traffic: 548 visitors/month

Domain Rating: 21

Scottie’s Pizza Parlor

scottie's pizza parlor

Sporting an original, retro-style design, the website for this Portland pizza joint instantly catches your eye. The content is simple – it’s basically just a single page, with information about the restaurant’s pizza making process, and a handful of images of its various pizzas. Most of the action happens outside the website, with links to an external Square site where you can view the menu and order online.

Still, it’s one of the best Wix website designs we’ve seen, and is worth checking out if you’re thinking about incorporating a unique design into your website!


Estimated traffic: 2.7k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 30

Cottons Restaurant

cottons restaurant

Here’s a restaurant that has put a lot of love, effort and fun into its website design. Cottons is a chain of Caribbean restaurants, with locations throughout London. The brand’s bright, tropical colors are splashed on the website, alongside images of cocktails and happy customers, enticing visitors to come to one of their rum shacks for an unforgettable experience. (The site proudly states that it holds the Guiness World Record for the bar with most types of rum available – 372!)

Featured throughout the site is information on its locations, menus, event listings and a blog. It’s also possible to book a table at any one of the restaurants via the site’s integration with Sevenrooms.


Estimated traffic: 7.9k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 32

The Waterway

wix website examples - the waterway

The website for this restaurant is every bit as charming as the waterside London suburb that it’s set in. The simple but classic design highlights the restaurant’s star dishes and unique location, and is complemented by features such as photo galleries, downloadable menus, and links to a reservation system. The footer also proudly displays the restaurant’s various awards, as well as including links to its social media profiles.


Estimated traffic: 2.9k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 34

St Kew Inn

st kew inn wix restaurant

Not many restaurants can claim to be around since the 15th century, so this cosy inn located in Cornwall, England needed a website that could help bring its history to life. It’s successfully done so with this Wix-built website, which prominently displays the impressive facade in an animated video background on the homepage. Also featured on the homepage are images of its inviting interior, idyllic gardens and gourmet pub dishes. It’s possible to book a table through the site, thanks to its integration with a third-party booking provider.


Estimated traffic: 2.1k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 35

Travel and Accommodation

Wix offers a handful of apps specifically built for those in the travel and accommodation industry, including Wix Hotels (its own hotel booking system) and Wix Bookings (for booking tours, services etc).

The Potter Trail

wix website examples - the potter trail

While not officially affiliated with Harry Potter, fans will instantly recognize this website’s association to it, thanks to its magic-themed imagery. It is, of course, the website of The Potter Trail, Edinburgh’s most famous Harry Potter-themed walking tour (one that this Potterhead author can absolutely vouch for, having taken it several years ago herself!).

This website uses an integration with, a third-party booking engine, to let visitors sign up for one of their many tours. Visitors can select a tour, date, and purchase tickets directly through the website.

Adding to the magic is a ‘portrait wall’ featuring framed pictures of the guides (with clickable bios), image galleries of the tours, and Tripadvisor reviews embedded directly within the site.

Visually, it’s stunning – and is an excellent example of different elements of a Wix site working perfectly in sync.


Estimated traffic: 1k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 44

Ken’s Tours

wix website examples - kens tours

This website doesn’t need to rely on a sophisticated website design – the stunning imagery of Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona does most of the legwork. Using a full-screen video of the awe-inspiring canyon as the homepage background, site visitors instantly get a taste of what to expect when they book a tour with Ken’s Tours, which can be done directly through the site.

An impressive gallery of images, along with reviews from Google, Trip Advisor and Yelp, also help to entice visitors. And for those that have taken the tour, there’s even an online store with tour-themed merchandise available to purchase.


Estimated traffic: 7.9k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 46

The Ship at Dunwich

the ship at dunwich

If a coastal getaway coupled with some rich British maritime history sounds like your cup of tea, the website for this English hotel is sure to impress. With its illustrated ship logo, and design and imagery all incorporating tones of blue and turquoise, this website conveys a sense of seaside tranquility and calm. It’s tempting enough to invite visitors to book a room directly through the website (thanks to an integration with the Inn Style booking engine), or to reserve a table at its restaurant (through its OpenTable integration).

It’s definitely one of the most well thought-out website designs we’ve come across, and is a stellar example of a hotel website done right.


Estimated traffic: 5.7k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 35

Authors and Celebrities

Wix has long been a favorite of celebrities for launching personal sites, thanks to its modern templates, flexible editor and ease of use. It’s also reassuring to know that Wix can comfortably handle the large volumes of traffic received by these sites. Here are a few examples of some of the best celebrity websites on Wix.

Giada De Laurentiis

wix website examples - giada de laurentiis

The personal website of the Food Network’s Giada De Laurentiis is a breath of fresh air, with warm colors and sunshine-soaked photography that reflect the Mediterranean influence on her cooking. It includes links to her recipes, her restaurant websites, and to a site where you can purchase her books. It’s a stunning website – one that has more than plenty to keep the nearly 100,000 monthly visitors coming back for more.


Estimated traffic: 94.4k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 54

Paul Hollywood

wix website examples - paul hollywood

Here’s another celebrity chef (or, more specifically, baker) who seems to be a fan of Wix. The Great British Bake Off’s Paul Hollywood has his Wix-hosted site full of recipes (published via blog), baking tips, and news. There’s even a page dedicated to answering questions sent in by fans. In addition, there are videos of his most memorable TV clips, an Instagram feed, and links to purchase his cookbooks from Amazon.


Estimated traffic: 32.6k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 50


Wix is packed with features that make it ideal for musicians, bands and artists. By enabling the Wix Music add-on, musicians can stream and sell their music, as well as sell merchandise, and promote gigs via Wix’s integrations with Bandsintown and Songkick. Here are just a few artists who have used Wix for promoting their music.



Did you know that rapper/actor Common has his website built on Wix? The single-page site uses a bold, eye-catching design to promote his latest release, which can be bought or streamed through a link on the site. Also featured on the site are embedded videos, links to purchase merchandise, and a newsletter subscription form.


Estimated traffic: 10.3k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 57

Vans Warped Tour

wix website examples - vans warped tour

Remember the Vans Warped Tour? While the iconic rock tour has officially been on hiatus since 2019, this simple but captivating website helps to keep its legacy alive, drawing in over 25,000 visitors every month.

With a nostalgic gallery of posters from each year of the tour, embedded Youtube videos telling stories about the tour’s history, social media profiles, and links to buy merchandise, fans have a treasure trove of content to engage with on this Wix-hosted website.


Estimated traffic: 25.9k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 70

Health and Beauty

Wix offers over 100 templates purpose-built for health, wellness and beauty providers. Many of these include features such as Wix Bookings, Wix’s appointment-booking service, and Members Area (read our review), which allows you to offer exclusive content to members on your site.

Cuts and Bruises

wix website examples - cuts and bruises

I’m a big fan of the design of this hip London barbershop, with its vintage-style logo boldly contrasted against a black background. The stylish aesthetic is reflected throughout the website with videos and images of the barbershop, its workers and its clientele – all sporting sleek, trendy haircuts.

On the site, you can book an appointment through the Resurva booking engine, view profiles of the store’s barbers, and buy hair care products as well as store merchandise.


Estimated traffic: 790 visitors/month

Domain Rating: 43

Portfolio and Design

Wix invests a lot of effort into creating cutting-edge templates, making it ideal for designers looking to showcase their own work. With around 60 templates in the design category, designers have a lot of options when it comes to creating a portfolio site with Wix.

The Design Studio X Tomoko Azumi

wix website examples - the design studio

This London-based design studio, led by Tomoko Azumi, takes a minimalist approach in its web design. Using tones of grey and black coupled with generous white space, the website puts the focus on the studio’s product and furniture designs, with each design featured in its own project page.

Making use of Wix’s gallery features, blog, and contact page templates, this website shows how a seemingly simple aesthetic can really elevate a website’s design.


Estimated traffic: N/A

Domain Rating: 32

Anouska Hempel

wix website examples - anouska hempel

Legendary actress-turned-designer Anouska Hempel’s website displays her opulent interior designs just as stylishly as you would see in a glossy, high-end magazine. Through the use of full-width images and extensive galleries, you get a distinct sense of the impact she has had on the world of architecture and design today.

Also featured on her portfolio site are product listings of her furnishings and decorative items (which can be purchased on request).


Estimated traffic: 1.9k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 30

Popham Design

wix website examples - popham design

This stunning website is an interior design fan’s dream. Available in two languages (thanks to the Wix multilingual feature), the site combines bright, colorful visuals and clever use of white space to make its product (handcrafted Morroccan tiles) stand out.

Features include image slideshows, galleries, videos, Instagram feeds, and a newsletter signup form. There’s even a link to an interactive design simulator, although this isn’t hosted on Wix.


Estimated traffic: 2k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 40

Nonprofits and Charities

Wix offers a number of templates specifically created for nonprofits and charities, with features such as donate buttons, blogs and ‘About Us’ pages built straight into the template. Here are a few of the best examples of Wix-built nonprofit websites.

National Dog Day

wix website examples - national dog day

There’s nothing quite as powerful as puppy dog eyes, and the nonprofit organization behind this website seems to know it! This site cleverly combines bright colors with a slideshow of adorable dog photos, engaging visitors the moment they hit the homepage.

With its mission to encourage people to adopt dogs rather than purchase them, the National Dog Day website is full of information about where to adopt dogs, and how you can celebrate the actual day (which is August 26th). To raise funds for the cause, the site uses a PayPal donate button, and also offers merchandise that can be purchased.

This website receives over 220,000 visits per month, making it the most trafficked site in our list!


Estimated traffic: 224k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 67

White Pony Express

wix website examples - white pony express

White Pony Express, a non profit organization, distributes surplus food to over 80 shelters, senior centers, and churches in Contra Costa County, California. Each year, it helps around 120,000 people in the local community.

Their informative website is well-organized, with separate pages dedicated to information about their organization, their various initiatives, how to volunteer, and how to donate. Colorful call-to-action buttons are expertly used throughout the site, encouraging visitors to donate, volunteer or get in touch. A comprehensive FAQ page also helps to answer any questions visitors may have. Finally, the site also makes use of animated elements, such as video backgrounds and images/text that expand when hovered over, to add an extra layer of engagement to the site.


Estimated traffic: 813 visitors/month

Domain Rating: 43

Lab Rescue LRCP

lab rescue lrcp

Can’t get enough of puppy-themed websites? Neither can we! Lab Rescue LRCP is a nonprofit organization that rescues and homes 1,000 dogs each year in Maryland, Virginia, and neighboring states. The website uses prominent call-to-action buttons to encourage visitors to support them in various ways (e.g. donating, sponsoring a lab, volunteering). Information is organised logically and clearly, with separate sections for those interested in adopting, volunteering, donating, or wanting to know about events and resources.


Estimated traffic: 27.2k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 41

Wix Website Examples: Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s no shortage of successful, great-looking websites that have been built using Wix. With its stunning templates, powerful range of features, and extensive App Market, Wix gives you the building blocks you need to create almost any kind of website. If you’re feeling inspired to build your own, feel free to give it a try here.

P.S. We also have a post on Squarespace website examples if you are interested!

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